Floral Ice Cubes

We love using edible flowers in recipes as decoration and garnish, as it really elevates the look of a dessert or cake. We use the Secret Garden edible flowers, which come with a beautiful variety of colours and different types of flowers, however we find that we always have a lot of leftover flowers, so freezing the flowers into ice cubes is the perfect way to ensure you don’t have to waste any flowers.

We added rose water to the ice cubes to add a bit of flavour, but you can add elderflower cordial if you have that. Make sure to use boiling water as it freezes clearer than cold water.

These are the perfect addition to any summery drink, and the addition of rose water or elderflower helps add a nice subtle flavour as the ice melts. Once the cubes are fully melted in your drink, you are left with beautiful flowers.



  1. In a jug mix 250ml boiling water with 1tspn rose water
  2. Place flowers in the bottom of an ice cube. Pour in the boiling water and fill half the ice cube and freeze. We recommend using a mixture of whole flowers, and broken up petals
  3. Once the water is frozen, mix another 250ml boiling water with 1tspn rose water and fill up the ice cubes to the top
  4. Once frozen, remove ice cubes from the tray.




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