Champagne IceBlocks

For my champagne brunch the other week, I really wanted to try making champagne ice blocks with chopped up fruit, but I was concerned as to how the champagne would freeze. After some very serious experimentation and taste testing, I can conclude that champagne freezes rather nicely and that it tasted very nice with the strawberries. I also made some with Orange Juice instead of champagne, for my more sensible friends who had to drive or go to work. All you need for these are some ice block moulds (I bought mine for $12 off TradeMe) and some ice block sticks from the super market.

P1060417Ingredients (to make 4 ice blocks):

  • Champagne
  • 1/2 pun net Strawberries
  1. Thinly slice the Strawberries, and place inside the ice block moulds
  2. Pour over Champagne until the moulds are nearly full
  3. Place ice block sticks in the middle and freeze overnight

If you want to make more ice blocks than you have moulds, just make them up in advance and then wrap with baking paper and string and keep in the freezer until needed


P1060419P1060416 (1)

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