Pomegranate Mojito

About a month ago, Leish celebrated her 21st birthday with a big birthday bash at home. She, being the perfectionist that she is wanted to set herself apart from the usual champagne on arrival by offering guests a cocktail to start the evening off. Her party planner suggested this beautiful pomegranate mojito which was a big hit among both the young ones and the oldies. While the recipe we used was for 80 people, we have adjusted the recipe for 6 cocktails, but as with any cocktail feel free to adjust it to your own taste. Just as a bit of a warning, we suggest you check that pomegranates are in season before buying all the ingredients because if they aren’t, you may find yourself pomegranate seed-less which isn’t ideal as it is the main star of the show!
Recipe for 6 cocktails:

18 Fresh Mint Sprigs
Seeds from half of a Pomegranate
12 Lime wedges
100mL sugar syrup (to make the sugar syrup, dissolve 1 cup of water in 2 cups of boiling water and store in a bottle to keep on hand)
100mL fresh lime juice
300mL white rum
600mL soda water

1. Clap mint leaves in hands and drop into a tall glass

2. Add the sugar syrup, lime juice, pomegranate seeds and stir thoroughly

3. Top with ice.

4. Add rum, stir

5. Top with soda

6. Garnish with 2 lime wedges and a mint sprig. Enjoy!


Have a look at some of our yummy photos on Pinterest:


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