Christmas Cupcakes


Sorry we haven’t posted anything recently! Since Uni finished Leish and I have both been very busy working and enjoying the amazing weather. We have been in the kitchen a bit, but there have been a few mishaps in our baking so not quite ready to share them with you yet!

To get into the Christmas spirit Mum signed Leish and I up for a cupcake decorating class yesterday at Milly’s Kitchen. It was great fun, we arrived and cupcakes were all baked for us and we were taught how to decorate them and make them look amazing! We thought we should share them with you and hopefully give you all some ideas and inspiration to get in the kitchen and attempt your own. The decorations were either fondant or butter frosting. Only problem now…they look so good we don’t want to eat them!!!

IMG_5415 IMG_5419 IMG_5408 IMG_5396 IMG_5388 IMG_5378 IMG_5420 IMG_5404

Have a look at some of our yummy photos on Pinterest:


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